Updated November 23, 2022

Security and compliance are top priorities for Campsite because they are fundamental to your experience with the product. Campsite is committed to securing your images, videos, and other work-in-progress uploads by eliminating systems vulnerability and ensuring continuity of access.

Campsite uses a variety of industry-standard technologies and services to secure your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and loss.

System Description

Campsite is a tool that allows design teams to easily share images, videos, and other media. This media is delivered through a web client at app.campsite.design to authorized users who are members of the same organization as the person who uploaded the media. Organizations may opt-in to having each upload cross-post to Slack via a Slack bot. At the end of each week, a summary of an organization’s uploads are delivered with an email digest.

Here are the tools and processors used to deliver this end-to-end experience:

Vercel used for hosting the web client.

Vercel Security · Vercel Privacy

PlanetScale — used for hosting the primary MySQL database containing user and upload data.

PlanetScale Privacy

GitHub — version control solution and code repository.

GitHub Security · GitHub Privacy

Google Workspace — used for Campsite’s organization email, calendar, and other operations.

Google Security · Google Privacy